Pearland Recovery Meeting

Sherry Peterson
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From: Buck Stevens
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Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 9:12 PM
Subject: Pearland Recovery Meeting

You are receiving this message in hope that you can assist in this endeavor never been done in Pearland before.

We are assembling citizens, faith leaders, schools, non-profits, PTA, PTO, church groups, contractors and any other able body person to meet with us at 10am, tomorrow, August 31 at the Pearland Lions Club Building at 3350 South Main, 77581.

Our hopes are to create strike force teams that will deploy daily to assist citizens with physical labor to remove carpet, sheet rock, cleaning, mopping and maybe just talking. We hope to have 5-10 teams a day for 7-10 days. Job levels for all, but parents MUST be present. Need Men and Women!

I had a long meeting today with city leaders and have a plan that includes us giving vital information to the Office of Emergency Management that will greatly assist in our community recovering both emotionally, physically and financially.

PLEASE reach out to anyone that you think may be able to help, ESPECIALLY if they are a member of a much larger group at church, work, etc.

We will NOT be deploying tomorrow and maybe not even Friday, only discussing the plan forward and engaging one another in this endeavor. We must have people signup and commit in order to implement this!

Sign Up here AND attend the meeting TOO as a representaive >>>>
Thanks and God bless!