Christmas Partners Blessing Children- Brazoria County Alliance for Children

  1. Every foster child was allowed to select one gift that they wished for. This is under the “gift column.” The Interest/hobbies column is just some supplemental information about the child(ren) you select if you want to purchase some additional items but this is not necessary.
  2. Once you select the child(ren) you would like to buy for, it would help me if you emailed me the first and last name of the child. If this child has already been selected by another member, I can let you know.
  3. The suggested price range is just that – just a suggestion but they ask for you not to exceed the maximum total.
  4. The gifts must be unwrapped. If members could place a sticky note of the name/age of the child on the gift that will help with the distribution. If there are multiple gifts, place the items in a grocery sack labeled with the name/age of the child.
  5. CPS is going to be picking up the gifts from the BCAC on December 7th. I need to have the gifts by our party on December 6th or meet you with it before so I can make sure they are delivered on time.
  6. There are some gifts for the older kids that seem to be a little more expensive. (example, a couple kids have wished for a drone with a camera or a kids tablet). I have looked online at walmart and amazon and have found these items well under the suggested price range. If a couple members want to pair up and purchase a gift for one of the older kids that would be great.

Hope this helps!!