Fundraiser Announcement

A beautiful message from Roy Castillo, Republican Candidate for JP Pct. 3, Pl. 2.
This is not a club endorsement, shared for your information, and to encourage you to get involved with our Republican Candidate Campaigns.


Thank you to all of my family, friends and supporters who have shared so much of my journey to become the next Justice of the Peace for Precinct-3, Place-2. Virginia & I have enjoyed meeting everyone in Pearland, Alvin, Brookside Village and Hillcrest Village. We look forward to meeting and spending time with many more. We scheduled our first public campaign fundraiser six months ago for October 6th, the first Friday in October. Many of our family and friends were affected by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed. After careful consideration and prayer, we are honored to announce that our evening will take place. More than ever, we all can use some time to gather, pray, share a meal, enjoy music and dance. We will spend time with one another, never out of our mind the work that must still be done. If you were affected by the flood, a first responder, a city or county utility worker, or volunteer, please let us know at the door and your admission is free. We thank our many friends who have generously donated so that all of us can enjoy each other’s company for an evening. There will be a silent auction and a live auction. Special items will be marked and all proceeds from those items will go to the Pearland Neighborhood Center, which continues to help so many families. If you cannot make it, Virginia and I understand, but if you can attend we’d love to see you. I would like to leave you with some thoughts on the amazing amount of compassion and selflessness I have witnessed. People took the tragedy of a storm and came together with shovels, wheel barrows, boats and tractors to help anyone in need. In those moments there were no strangers, only neighbors helping neighbors, turning tragedy into victory, God Bless You and God Bless Brazoria County.

From the Land, We will share a table and be fed

From the Water, We will forge bonds as strong as steel

From the Wind, We will hone a sharp edge Although We suffer loss We will not be defeated Although We are far apart, North, South, East, and West We will not be divided, We all will stand together, always We are One, One Brazoria County.