TFRW SD 11 RW Clubs Rally, February 17, 2018-Reminder

Just a reminder, we are only one week out, I have heard from a lot of people that they are planning to attend. Going to be great! I will let you know about set up time the night before on Thursday. Basically just to set up the structure and get ready for the table set up on Saturday.

I am so happy to report that the Rally is developing beyond expectation!! We have a wonderful program planned that features some of our elected officials, TFRW President, GHC President, Justice Eva Guzman, Theresa Kosmoski, and of course our National Committee Woman Toni Anne Dashiel. Nine clubs are setting up tables to showcase their clubs. All Republican Candidates will be invited to meet and greet.
We will also have plenty of photo op opportunities with President Trump (cutout) and Melania, the Deplorables Basket (huge) from Angleton RW, and the CRUZER (campaign bus) will be there parked outside the venue, thanks to Dawn McDonald for arranging that!

A brief overview of duties;
Registration- Friendswood RW
Greeters- Clear Creek RW
Food Table- West Pearland RW
Drink Station- Angleton RW

All clubs;
Set up table, make about 100-150 copies of anything you want to hand out.
Bring a platter of cookies
Bring a case of water
You may pull up right next to the venue to unload.

I have arranged with Billy to set up starting the night before, to organize the tables and podium, etc. Table set up by clubs will be at 9:00am Saturday morning.

Barry, my husband will have a Golf Cart out in the parking lot to help anyone who needs help throughout the entire event.

Now, let’s get the word out! Share the attached flyer all over social media and to your clubs, candidates and elected officials.

Rep. Wayne Faircloth is providing a light lunch.

Thanks for all your support, this is going to be an amazing day!!
Sherry Peterson