WPRW Campaign Hours: Reminder

Just a reminder to get your campaign hours in to Vicky Smith today please!! She really needs to send them to TFRW today!

A form to use to record your hours from our Campaign Activities Chair, Vicky Smith. We can just turn in total hours for the 1st quarter and start using this form April, 2018.
Please turn in your total hours for Q1, 2018 to Vicky by April 15, 2018. See email from Vicky.


Good afternoon,
I’m a little late getting this to you so I apologize. Attached is a fillable form for our hours. I’d like to have these returned Monthly to me. The reason being, I want to see how we are doing on hours each month in comparison to previous months and other clubs, etc. I’m competitive like that and a little OCD. It would be nice to email this to the members and perhaps put on the site for ease of finding it for each member each month? Do you see anything you’d like me to change?


Vicky Smith
Email: mrs.vsmith@yahoo.com
Cell: 832-904-0300

Love and God Bless America!